INDUSTRY 4EU - Industry 4.0 for the future of manufacturing in the EU

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(co-funded by the European Commission)

European Union, Dg Employment, Social Affairs And Inclusion
Industrial Relations And Social Dialogue
VP/2015/001 (Support For Social Dialogue)
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The project aims at bringing together social partners and institutions in an effort to identify concrete actions to turn Industry 4.0 challenges into opportunities. It tries to build a new development model to deal with the skill mismatch arising from the digitalization of production of Industry 4.0 and drive innovation and technological development.

Specific objectives of the project include:

  1. To raise the awareness of employers’ associations about challenges and opportunities resulting from the automation of production of Industry 4.0;
  2. To provide a reinforcement of employers’ associations views on their roles and responsibilities in creating human capital and high-level skills for the development of Industry 4.0;
  3. To support the dialogue among social partners as regards tertiary education (i.e. educational programmes, school-to-work transition programmes, etc ...) in terms of skills and knowledge currently developed in training programmes;
  4. To analyse actions that employers’ associations are currently implementing to deal with the skills mismatch arising from Industry 4.0, thus identifying best practices, weaknesses and the kind of institutional support needed to develop successful training, internship and apprenticeship programs;
  5. To raise the awareness of employers’ associations about effective actions aimed at both aligning industrial strategies with labour market policies and promoting inclusive engagement at all levels, in the transition from the present manufacturing to Industry 4.0;
  6. To build a new development model to deal with the skill mismatch arising from the digitalization of production of Industry 4.0 and drive innovation and technological development. Social partners involved, together with ADAPT, should develop a Manufacturing Employers-Based Position Paper on Industry 4.0 in the European Union.


Partners: ADAPT (IT), CEEMET - Council of European Employers of the Metal, Engineering and Technology (BE), NORDBILDUNG (DE), CCIS- Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (SI)

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